NEW - HL7Spy v2020.2 just released!

HL7Spy v2020.2.220 (15 day trial, and v2020 licensed users)

Customers with an Enterprise subscription receive a free upgrade

Platform Requirements: Windows 64-bit Platforms that support .NET 4.8 or higher

HL7Spy 4.x User's Manual             End User License Agreement

HL7Spy v3.1.2424 (3.x licensed users)

Platform Requirements: Windows 2008R2/2012/8.1/7/10 - 64-bit, requires .NET 4.5.2, or higher

HL7Spy 3.x User's Manual             End User License Agreement

HL7Spy v2.3.586 (2.x licensed users only)

Platform Requirements: Windows 2008R2/2012/8.1/7 - 32/64-bit, requires .NET 4.5, or higher

HL7Spy 2.3 User's Manual             End User License Agreement

HL7Spy.Core C# class level documentation

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HL7Spy 1.7.60 Released

  • Add an menu option to disable loading files into an existing instance of HL7Spy when double-clicking on file in Windows Explorer
  • Show name of Message Collection being searched in the title bar of the search window
  • Fix issue where copy/paste/undo/redo events are always being sent to the Message Editor window.
  • Add support for Undo/Redo to HL7 SQL and Sql Loader editors
  • Add Browse button to the “Add References Dialog” in the Custom Code Device
  • Fix key-binds for control-space, and ‘.’ in the Custom Code Device
  • Fix suggested file name to be a legal Windows file name when exporting to excel
  • HL7 parser should let tab (0x09) characters through. Currently TAB is being replaced with a space
  • When “Reuse Results Tab” is not selected, there should be a results grid per tab created – requested by Doug M. from Cleveland Clinic
  • Show the Query that was used to generate the tab when hovering over the Message Tab
  • Fix StackOverflowException when referencing Microsoft.Practices.Unity.dll in the Custom Code Device

HL7Spy 1.7.55 Released

  • SqlLoader – Remember users last setting for SqlLoader’s ReuseResultsTab
  • SqlLoader – Added counter to Query tab when “Reuse Results Tab” is unselected
  • Message Editor – Hook up menu item Alt- shortcuts
  • Message Editor – Added a save dialog when message collection has changed
  • Message Editor – Add “Split” Tools menu item
  • Message Editor – Fixed issue when Pasting muliple messages with non-standard encoding formats
  • Message Editor – Fixed Order Tabs by MSH-7 option
  • Message Editor – Added order by ascending/descending in right-click menu item of tab
  • Message Editor – Move Edit and Tools menu items from ToolStrip to main window’s menu
  • Message Editor – Added “Close All” right-click on tab menu item
  • Message Editor – Fixed focus problem where the active document changes when the active Application changes
  • Message Editor – Remap Alt-F,A to save as instead of Close All to conform to windows norm
  • Message Editor – Fixed issue where it was not possible to save messages if all messages had parsing errors
  • Message Editor – Fixed Copy/Paste in the following: Watch List, Sql Loader, HL7 SQL, Custom Code
  • Custom Code – Fixed issue where an exception is thrown when setting a field, component, or subcomponent to null
  • Custom Code – Fixed issue with Anonymizer.Replace function