NEW - HL7Spy v2020.1 just released!

HL7Spy v2020.1.740 (25 day trial, and v2020 licensed users)

Customers with an Enterprise subscription receive a free upgrade

Platform Requirements: Windows 64-bit Platforms that support .NET 4.8 or higher

HL7Spy 4.x User's Manual             End User License Agreement

HL7Spy v3.1.2417 (7 day trial, and 3.x licensed users)

Platform Requirements: Windows 2008R2/2012/8.1/7/10 - 64-bit, requires .NET 4.5.2, or higher

HL7Spy 3.x User's Manual             End User License Agreement

HL7Spy v2.3.586 (2.x licensed users only)

Platform Requirements: Windows 2008R2/2012/8.1/7 - 32/64-bit, requires .NET 4.5, or higher

HL7Spy 2.3 User's Manual             End User License Agreement

HL7Spy.Core C# class level documentation

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What’s coming in HL7Spy 2.0?

New HL7 2.x Standard Definitions

  • Versions 2.1-2.7 are now supported
  • Automatic detection of the correct version based on MSH-12
  • Fully searchable in the HL7 Standard Tool

New Segment Editor

  • Hierarchical display of field information
  • Show/Hide missing fields
  • Expand a field to retrieve additional detail
  • Edit field values at any level in the hierarchy

New FTP/File Explorer

  • Display HL7 messages on remote systems using the FTP protocol
  • Support for local, and remote, file system short-cuts to commonly used directories
  • Securely connect using SFTP, or FTPS
  • Master password management
  • Hierarchical folder organization of local/remote
  • Import/Export folders with, or without, passwords
  • Tail functionality to display only the last few messages from a remote file
  • Sync functionality to retrieve additional messages from a remote file

Other Improvements

  • Added advanced TCP settings for KeepAlive, NoDelay, DontLinger, and IPv6
  • Protocol logging to capture HL7 message protocol information

  • Improved HL7 MLLP protocol handler. Reduced memory utilization.
  • Enhanced HL7 Message model for use in the Custom Code tool. Improved performance.
  • New Break(); statement allows debugging custom code from within Visual Studio
  • .NET 4/4.5 support
  • Full 64-bit support
  • Better scaling when running in Windows 7/8 200%+ resolution mode
  • Performance improvements in HL7 Sql and Sql Loader
  • Support for loading/querying millions of messages

HL7Spy 1.8.6 Released

  • Improvement – Support for 2.0 licensing to allow users with a license to HL7Spy 2.0 to use HL7Spy 1.x if they choose.
  • Improvement – HL7Spy no longer locks the underlining file. It is now possible to delete, or rename, a file that is opened within HL7Spy.
  • Improvement – Speed improvements to the starting of HL7Spy.
  • Improvement – Update to the latest MySql library.
  • Improvement – Add support for Windows Domain licensing.

Please Note: If you upgrade to this version, you may experience problems with the Sql Loader and MySql. They MySql drivers no longer support the old style of passwords. Please see the following article for more information:

HL7Spy 1.8.3 Released

  • Improvement – .NET 3.5 Framework not required if .NET 4.0 is installed
  • Improvement – Better control layout when using Windows large font (120 DPI) mode
  • Improvement – Open Folder dialog search textboxes perform search when the enter key is pressed
  • Improvement – Open Folder dialog search text is automatically inserted in the message editor search textbox when the editor is loaded
  • Improvement – Open Folder dialog option to perform case-sensitive/insensitive searches
  • Improvement – Open Folder dialog results display fixes for long folder paths

HL7Spy 1.8.1 Released

  • Improvement – HL7 Send uses less memory. Better shutdown of socket.
  • Improvement – HL7 Send should not automatically retry on first error.
  • Improvement – Show Compiler Errors and missing References in the Events tab of the Custom Code tool
  • Improvement – Statistics UI performance improvements
  • Improvement – Better, faster, sizing of DataGridView columns
  • Improvement – HL7Parser Improvements
  • Improvement – Send the results of an HL7 SQL query, or HL7 Loader query, to a new tab
  • Improvement – Send selected the results of an HL7 SQL query, or HL7 Loader query, to a new tab
  • Improvement – Performance improvements when a large number of results are returned from an HL7 SQL Query
  • Improvement – Performance improvements when a large number of results are returned from an SQL Loader Query
  • Improvement – Speed up shift-select datagrid in both HL7 SQL and Sql Loader
  • Bug – Fix Unhandled Exception:|System.ArgumentException: Illegal characters in path in FileSaveView
  • Bug – When double-clicking on a cell in Sql Loader, the incorrect cell is displayed
  • Bug – NullReferenceException when closing a tab while receive SQL Loader query results
  • Bug – System.ArgumentException: Illegal characters in path in FileSaveView
  • Bug – Incorrect results returned MRG-1[*] is queried with no where clause
  • Bug – Fix tool tip on the “Split message button”

HL7Spy 1.7.79 Released

  • Bug – Fix exception that occurs when DataGridView is asked to show a row, but there is not enough room
  • Bug – Better error handing in OpenTcpPortView
  • Bug – Fixed issue pasting text into a message when the text is not a full message
  • Bug – Refresh button was duplicating messages within the message tab
  • Improvement – Auto-retry connection if HL7 MLLP Send fails on first attempt
  • Improvement – Support characters above 127 in the ASCII table in the Message Framing dialog
  • Improvement – Faster HL7 MLLP Receive

HL7Spy 1.7.77 Released

  • Bug – Fixed InvalidCastException when exporting the query results from the Sql Loader data grid to Excel.
  • Improvement – Better handling of messages pasted from emails or other applications that modify segment line endings
  • Improvement – Less flicker when tabs are closed
  • Improvement – Faster application shutdown
  • Improvement – Enable dragging/dropping messages from 1 tab to another. This is useful for creating an ad hoc collection of messages to be saved, or transmitted. The best way to utilize this feature is to drag one of the tabs out of the main document area, or to drag one of the tabs so that it side-by-side with the other tabs as shown in the figure below. Messages that are dragged and dropped are always inserted after the currently displayed message.

HL7Spy v1.7.75 Released

  • Improvement – Upgraded some 3rd Party libraries that we use within the application
  • Bug – Fixed an issue when you double-click on a file in Windows Explorer and an existing instance of HL7Spy is shutting down. (thank you George S. for reporting)
  • Bug – Fixed an issue in the Splitting Tool where splitting by message index range was not working
  • Improvement – Sped up start time by lazy initializing the Custom Code tool
  • Improvement – Sped up application start time by 5 seconds.
  • Bug – Fixed a problem with gzip handling
  • Bug – Fixed a FileDisposed exception being thrown when the last Query Results tab is closed
  • Bug – Fixed an issue in HL7 SQL where the left most column showed incorrect index numbers when DISTINCT is selected from the toolbar.
  • Bug – Fix the formatting of date/times in Excel (thanks to Larry E. for reporting and giving us the fix!)

HL7Spy v1.7.68 Released

  • Much reduced memory usage when opening thousands of files using “Open Folder”
  • Show a “Loading..” message when loading messages over 1MB in size
  • Right-Click option to export the unescaped field to a file and to attempt to interpret the MIME type of the data
  • Fixed the search dialog to be automatically pre-populated with the currently selected values – reported by Denise G.
  • Fixed occasional IndexOutOfRangeException when pasting into the Message editor
  • Better error information when executing HL7 Sql query with syntax error

HL7Spy v1.7.65 Released

  • Query Results from “HL7 SQL” queries are now shown on a per tab basis.
  • Added “Clone This Tab” option to the Right-Click on Tab Menu Items. This allows you to quickly copy the contents of a tab, and preform queries on it.
  • Fix Encoding character definition for the escaped Component was in correct. \C\ when it should have been \S\
  • Fix sorting of Message Editor Tabs for collections created via a query.
  • Fix out of range exception while parsing a message
  • Fix cancel on exit when there are pending changes to a message collection
  • Fix processing of hex values in the HL7Parser
  • Fix HL7 Compare in Sql Loader and HL7 Query displays items in the reverse order they were selected

HL7Spy 1.7.60 Released

  • Add an menu option to disable loading files into an existing instance of HL7Spy when double-clicking on file in Windows Explorer
  • Show name of Message Collection being searched in the title bar of the search window
  • Fix issue where copy/paste/undo/redo events are always being sent to the Message Editor window.
  • Add support for Undo/Redo to HL7 SQL and Sql Loader editors
  • Add Browse button to the “Add References Dialog” in the Custom Code Device
  • Fix key-binds for control-space, and ‘.’ in the Custom Code Device
  • Fix suggested file name to be a legal Windows file name when exporting to excel
  • HL7 parser should let tab (0x09) characters through. Currently TAB is being replaced with a space
  • When “Reuse Results Tab” is not selected, there should be a results grid per tab created – requested by Doug M. from Cleveland Clinic
  • Show the Query that was used to generate the tab when hovering over the Message Tab
  • Fix StackOverflowException when referencing Microsoft.Practices.Unity.dll in the Custom Code Device