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HL7Spy 3.1.2295 Released

  • Improvement – Add Certificate Selector in HL7 Receiver
  • Improvement – Speed up HL7Spy Installer
  • Improvement – Update to latest 3rd party libraries. Improves speed and stability of application
  • Improvement – Remove file from the Recent File List if an attempt to open it results in a file not found error
  • Bug Fix -FTP Explorer – Fix issue when remote directory doesn’t start with /
  • Bug Fix – Custom Code – Unable to change default HL7 message encoding characters
  • Bug Fix – Custom Code – Fix issue where _global_ custom code does not display unless you click to another function and back
  • Bug Fix – Custom Code – Compile to user temp directory instead of the one in ProgramData\HL7Spy\temp
  • Bug Fix – Increase the size of the message selector in the Bulk Compare tool
  • Bug Fix – Fix tab stops in Open Folder, Save As, and other pop-up dialog boxes – Reported by Michael W.
  • Bug Fix – Fix potential duplicate key exception in BaseView.AddCommandKey
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue where a window’s OnLoad can be called multiple times
  • Bug Fix – Show proper error when the .NET framework cannot be downloaded