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HL7Spy 3.1.2273 Released

  • Improvement – Remember the last directory where data was exported to and reuse it next time another export is initiated. Requested by Jeff D from
  • Improvement – Remove all intermediate Export dialogs and show the standard Windows SaveAs dialog instead. Requested by Jeff D from
  • Improvement – Clean-up exporting from the Watch List
  • Improvement – Custom Code – Add more overloads to HL7Message.CombineObxsToObx5Repeats for transforming many OBX segments into 1 with repeating OBX-5
  • Improvement – Add an application option to Auto Open Export Files, or to just open File Explorer and select the file
  • Improvement – Handle loading multiple files where one, or more, has an access denied issue
  • Improvement – When Exporting to Excel, PDF, etc., reuse the same File Explorer instance to navigate to the file rather than opening a new one each time
  • Improvement – Update shortcuts for Field/Component/Subcomponent statistics
  • Improvement – Speed up loading of xz, zip, gz, etc. compressed files
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue where vv is placed on versions of HL7 Standard in the Export to Xml tool
  • Bug Fix – Remove double MessageBox request to overwrite a file when Exporting to Excel, pdf, etc. Reported by Jeff D. from
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue where Recent File List not saving properly
  • Bug Fix – Fix OpenFolder search issue where filtering is not working properly – Reported by Sandy D. from
  • Bug Fix – Custom Code – HL7DateTime.TryParse returns the datetime as being in the local timezone even if not timezone is in the DTM string
  • Bug Fix – Issue with “Redact messages to new Tab” when when tab contains multiple sources. Reported by David R from AGFA
  • Bug Fix – HL7Query – Fix Unhandled Exception. [ObjectDisposedException] Cannot access a disposed object.
  • Bug Fix – Fix An exception that was thrown during handling the topic ‘MessageCollectionRemoved’
  • Bug Fix – F11 should show/hide the Ribbon Bar but does not
  • Bug Fix – EventBroker – [InvalidOperationException] Sequence contains more than one matching element
  • Bug Fix – FileExplorer – SFTP error when navigating a directory that contains a file marked as FIFO. Reported by Jeff D. from HSHS
  • Bug Fix – Split Tab – Fix Message Collection that is split shows up as empty in HL7Spy until re-opened

HL7Spy 3.1.2228 Released

  • Improvement – Randomize sample messages used for calculating global statistics – Requested by Jeff B from mhg
  • Improvement – Message Split Tool – Add support to split files based on their original file name
  • Improvement – Editor – Improve performance of loading many small files – Requested by Joe M. from vumc
  • Improvement – Custom Code – Support setting the unescaped value of a field. HL7Subcomponent.EscapedValue
  • Improvement – Sql Loader/HL7 Sql – Add Windows Folder Browser dialog to ExportForm. Requested by Jeff D. from hicgrp
  • Improvement – HL7 Diff – Speed improvements to the HL7 Differencing algorithm for large messages. Reported by Tony C. from MModal
  • Improvement – FTP Explorer – Add support for recursive searches. Requested by Barry V. from princetonhc
  • Improvement – FTP Explorer – Add additional logging information when in “debug” mode to help troubleshoot connection errors
  • Bug Fix – Error getting Authentication Info. Padding is invalid and cannot be removed. Reported by John B. from Cook Children’s
  • Bug Fix – FTP Explorer – Fix Connection Timeout string showing as blank

HL7Spy 3.1.2173 Released

  • Improvement – HL7 Sender – Add logging of SSL info
  • Improvement – Editor – Add custom framing options to File SaveAs – requested by Joe E./li>
  • Improvement – General – Miscellaneous performance improvements/li>
  • Improvement – General – Update 3rd Party libraries/li>
  • Bug Fix – File Browser – SSH Private Key not functioning correctly- reported by Jeff D.
  • Bug Fix – HL7 Transform – Fix issue with edits not being picked up until a new row/column is selected
  • Bug Fix – HL7 Transform – Cannot delete transform
  • Bug Fix – Editor – Loading many small files compressed in 7z format is very slow – warren K.
  • Bug Fix – Editor – Fix issue with some HL7 Standard Table values not showing properly. Reported by Paul R.
  • Bug Fix – Editor – Copy/paste of Unicode characters incorrectly interpreted as ASCII
  • Bug Fix – Sql Loader – Fix database selection issue when the item selected is the first item in the list

HL7Spy v3.1.2119 Released

  • Improvement – HL7 SQL – When exporting to Excel do not show the count column. Requested by Cleveland Clinic
  • Improvement – SQL Loader – When exporting to Excel do not show the count column. Requested by Cleveland Clinic
  • Improvement – Compare Tool – Show differences in grid rather than as text. Requested by Cleveland Clinic
  • Improvement – Compare Tool – Issue seeing small changes like the period and space characters. Requested by Cleveland Clinic
  • Improvement – Windows Registry no longer required for install. Requested by
  • Bug Fix – HL7 SQL – HL7 datatype interpretation does not work when lower case segment names are used in the query – Reported by
  • Bug Fix – Custom Code – HL7 Anonymizer creating empty fields where in 2.x it did not. Reported by
  • Bug Fix – HL7 SQL – Add missing DISTINCT button in HL7 SQL
  • Bug Fix – Field Statistics – Fix tooltips for next/prev buttons – Reported by jb
  • Bug Fix – Compare Tool – issue where Compare tool launched from HL7 SQL tool does not display if the Compare window has never been selected
  • Bug Fix – Sql Loader – Fix issue where Database field is disabled when first displaying the DbConnection form
  • Bug Fix – Custom Code – Copying a field to itself produces incorrect results

HL7Spy v3.1.2036 Released

  • Improvement – Add ok button to close HL7TargetSelection popup
  • Improvement – Support for compressed file types: 7z ACE ARC ARJ B1 Cab cfs cpt dar DGCA LHA LZX RAR rzip sit SQX UDA Xar zoo ZIP ZPAQ – Requested by WK from New Mexico Health Information Collaborative
  • Improvement – HL7 Mllp Server performance impromements
  • Bug Fix – Fix name if it is ‘[no name]’ and there is only a single archived item
  • Bug Fix – Fix Don’t create empty file tabs when a bad password is entered
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue with Bulk Difference Report exporting results horizontally instead of vertically. Reported by RP from Cleveland Clinic
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue with Interpret data types not working HL7 SQL – Reported by RP from Cleveland Clinic
  • Bug Fix – Fix ArgumentOutOfRangeException in Export to Excel function
  • Bug Fix – Do not associate .zip/.txt files with HL7Spy because some user don’t know how to change the association

HL7Spy 3.1.2003 Released

  • Bug Fix – Fix issue with pasting/editing hl7 messages not clearing the error indicator
  • Bug Fix – Defect Connexion.Core.HL7 – Setting a repeated field with another repeated field that contains \R\ is not handled correctly. Reported by Len F., eHealth Queensland
  • Bug Fix – Line numbers not showing properly while editing the hl7 message
  • Bug Fix – Fix object disposed exception when closing a tab while a query is executing
  • Improvement – Add ok button to close HL7TargetSelection popup

HL7Spy v3.1.1974 Released

  • Improvement – Improve HL7Spy startup time by lazy loading the content of most ToolView tools
  • Improvement – Add Save Redacted Messages functionality. Requested by Cleveland Clinic


  • Improvement – Show differences between the current and transformed message in Transform Test tool


  • Improvement – Use LaunchExisting option when file is placed on command line without the -lf option. This enables HL7Spy to be set as the default target for any file extension using the Windows “Open With” right-click option

  • Bug Fix – Fix Export so the progress is shown
  • Bug Fix – Fix look and feel of MessageCollectionView when it is popped out of the main window
  • Bug Fix – Fix progress bar in HL7 SQL
  • Bug Fix – Fix NullReferenceException in BindableQueryResults in HL7 SQL and SQL Loader
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue with registering the licensee/licensekey via the installer
  • Bug Fix – Fix NRE in HL7Subcomponent.EscapedValue
  • Bug Fix – Code sign HL7Spy.exe
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue where the name of a Custom Code snippet cannot be renamed.
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue where the watch list is not updated when no messages are loaded
  • Bug Fix – Fix potential NullReferenceException in Watch List
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue with the updating of the description when editing the watch list
  • Bug Fix – Stop button not working in HL7 SQL tool

How can I remove RXA-12, not just delete the value, but remove it?

Question: How can I remove RXA-12, not just delete the value, but remove it so that RXA-13 becomes the new RXA-12?

To do this you can use the simple function below. They way it works is to go through all RXA segments and calls the RemoveAt(12) on the segment fields. This will remove the field causing all fields after RXA-12 to be offset by one.

public override void Run()
   HL7Message message = GetParsedMessage();
   foreach(HL7Segment segment in message.GetSegments("RXA"))
   this.SaveMessage(message,"RXA-12 Removed");