Archive for August, 2014

HL7Spy v2.1.056 Released

  • Bug – Message Editor – Backslashes, ‘\’, are being automatically removed when a message is cut/pasted into HL7Spy. Reported by Adam F.
  • Bug – HL7 SQL – Show/Hide Path descriptions not working properly. Reported by Barry V.
  • Bug – HL7 SQL – TS values are not being interpreted into Date/Time values properly. Reported by Barry V.

HL7Spy 2.1.051 Released

  • Improvement¬†– Support for HL7 2.7 messages with the Truncation character ‘#’ included in the encoding characters. Requested by Jose S.
  • Improvement – Option to control Message detection algorithm. The new option is found under: Option/File Settings/Use Strict Message Detection. When enabled, ‘Strict’ mode provides a more accurate message detection algorithm in some rare cases,¬† however; all messages have to have the same message encoding, and framing. This option is disabled by default.
  • Bug – Invalid HL7 message causes segment editor to display a big X. Segment editor never recovers from this
  • Bug – Fix flickering issue in the FTP Explorer
  • Bug – Fix copy to clipboard issues in the HL7 SQL tool
  • Bug – Message Compare – Drag/Drop from editor to Compare Window does not work properly
  • Bug – AppDomain Unhandled Exception caught System.Threading.ThreadAbortException: Thread was being aborted.
  • Bug – Add the Postgres database provider to the HL7Spy installer
  • Bug – Sql Loader: Fix issue with Database Connection Settings not saving properly
  • Bug – Custom Code Tool: ¬†Segments.Append(“ZZ1”) does not function properly
  • Bug – Improve copy/paste message in Editor. Reported by Paul C.
  • Bug – Fix issues with the display of segments with errors in the Editor
  • Bug – HL7 SQL/SQL Loader: Distinct Button disappearing when multiple query result tabs displayed. Reported by Albert E.
  • Bug – HL7 SQL Tool: LEFT/RIGHT functions in the Expression language not implemented properly