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HL7Spy 2.0.3771 Released

  • Bug – Excel Writer missing namespace on column definition. Reported by IHIE.
  • Bug – Statistics calculation time always shows 0 seconds.
  • Bug – Field description tooltips missing from Compare Messages tool.
  • Bug – Fixed issue where the HL7 SQL results were incorrect. Reported by Cleveland Clinic.
  • Bug – Fixed a crash on 64-bit systems when double-clicking on an HL7 file in Windows Explorer.
  • Improvement – Reduce application flicker.
  • Improvement – Reduce application start-up time.
  • Improvement – Add the ability to change the Message Editor Font.
  • Improvement – Better positioning of DropDown menu list items.
  • Improvement – New Visual Studio 2012 look and feel.
  • Improvement – Option to use HL7Spy 1.x look and feel.
  • Improvement – Option to hide/show the Menu items using F11.
  • Improvement – Database connection timeouts can now be set on a per-connection basis. Requested by Cleveland Clinic
  • Improvement – Sql Loader speed improvements.